Staying in tonight

I'm feeling a little sick so I've decided to stay in tonight/ this weekend and just watch TV in bed.

Sounds like heaven tbh.

Shows I'm currently watching/ want to watch:

-Parks and Rec
-30 Rock
-Modern Family
-The Wire
-True Blood

RIP Starz on Netflix

Starting tomorrow, Netflix loses their rights to all content from Starz network. Let this be a day of remembrance for the greats such as:

-Party Down. I never even got to watch it, even though it has been sitting in my queue forever.
-Toy Story 3. A flawless movie that I would watch whenever I felt down.
-Big Trouble in Little China. Another flawless movie and one of my favorites.

Netflix needs to get their shit together sometime soon. They are really losing me more and more as a customer if they don't turn things around soon. At least the Weinstein brothers news was a big deal, but that's not enough to salvage this service for me. The only reason I still have my subscription is because I'm still working my way through Parks and Rec.


I just don't know if Courtney is there for the right reasons

So, if you've been keeping up with The Bachelor at all this season, you know that Courtney is basically a crazy bitch and is really, really fake. She will pretty much say anything to manipulate Ben, and has no regard for anybody except herself. All the other girls hate her, and with good reason. She sucks. I'm basically just posting this now to air my frustration over the fact that she is still on the show, let alone in the final 3. She needs to go.